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Let us call it Moissanite Diamond; the new luxury jewelry by Dotted Jewelry

What is Moissanite?

Approximately 50,000 years ago, a meteor fell with a fiery crash to the Earth, bringing with it trace amounts of a rare mineral. Discovered ages later in an Arizona crater by French chemist; Henri Moissan, at first the tiny crystals were thought to be diamonds as they had the same hardness and sparkle. It took eleven years for Moissan to realize his error and correctly identify the new mineral as a type of silicon carbide.

The mistake is forgivable though. The two gems are almost identical in clarity and fire, and moissanite is prized as a diamond substitution in scientific industries. However, its rarity made moissanite impossible to use commercially until just a few years ago, when the process to create perfect, clear moissanite in a lab was perfected. Now couples all over the world choose moissanite to mark their love with an ethical, affordable, beautiful gem that will last forever.

Why Choose Moissanite?

From beauty to durability, moissanite easily measures up to diamonds, if not surpassing them. It is also a truly ethical gemstone. You never have to worry about the social responsibility of sourcing or the horrific environmental impacts of mining. Despite all these qualities, moissanite is still significantly cheaper than diamonds, giving you high value for a fraction of the cost.

All Forever Moissanite Gems come with Dotted Jewelry's lifetime guarantee to protect you against any defects or flaws.